“JET DYEING” is a system specifically studied for dyeing and washing of ready-made garments, with an innovative system of bath injection through the centre of the door by “JET”.
Basket finishing with “mirror polished” treatment.
This technology permits to work with very low liquor ratio, 1:2 – 1:3, obtaining a considerable saving of water, steam and chemicals consumption of about 50%.
Moreover, with “JET DYEING” technology, also dyeing cycles are extremely reduced.
Loading capacity has also to be considered, which can be increased of 25-30%. “JET DYEING” system can be installed in the models “SUPER and TURBO PINTORA” and in models “THOR” and “POSEIDON” of MAINO INTERNATIONAL line and it works with high basket rotation speed during the working cycle (from 45 to 70 rpm). In this way, all garments stays attached the basket, avoiding any risk of friction and mechanical actions of the garments on the basket same.