AVANTEC S.r.l. Italian producer of washing, dyeing amd drying machines for ready-made garments. We are a small medium size company, but our products are absolutely of prime quality, by utilizing the most updatced techniques of construcrtion and advanced performances. In fact, our production are 100% “made in Italy” by using the most reliable European suppliers. We have also bought the company MAINO INTERNATIONAL, historical brand in the construction of washing machines and dryers for ready-made garments. Therefore, we are able to produce both lines of products, Maino and Avantec. Moreover, new products have been developed, focused to water and energy saving. We are presemt in the major world wide textile markets in Asia, North Africa, Latin America ed Europe, with a lot of customers which produce for the major global clothing brands like Diesel, G-Star, Gap, Hugo Boss, H&M, Benetton, Puma, Armani, Zara etc.
We guarantee technical assistance and after sale service, as by our technicians as by technicians in site, over periodical visits to our customers of a technician of ours twice per year, in order to check the good working of the machines.